Why go to Bartender School


Taking bartending as a career is not simple for everybody. Some people become bartenders because they know one or two things about mixing and serving drinks while some people just love the job. For the latter, love for bartending will not help them succeed at the job; learning the job is what will help them succeed. If you have no prior knowledge or experience about bartending, a bartending school is what you need. Bartending has become a serious profession that only professionals and experienced individuals are employed to occupy positions. These days, bartenders have more job requirements and expectations to meet up with.

Before you get employed as a bartender, you may have to acquire some knowledge and skills and to do that; you have to attend a bartending school. This is important if you want your career to lift off the proper way. And the truth is, your interest may not be to actually work as a bartender. You just might want to impress a few friends, a new business partner or boss. Whether you want to know about bartender for personal reasons, professional reasons or career reasons, a bartending school is important. To know more about why bartending school is important, continue reading this article.

  1. To learn a new skill that excites you.

Bartending looks simple, but it is a profession that requires having some knowledge and skills. Learning how to deal with people, keep people entertained, create the best cocktail mixes are some of the things you should know to be a successful bartender.

  1. Meet a lot of people with similar interests

Meeting a lot of people who are interested in becoming bartenders could go a long way in helping you achieve your goals. By attending a bartending school, you will meet other people who are also interested in becoming bartenders. These people could end up becoming your friends and will make up your network when you eventually start working professionally.

  1. You learn from the basics.

A bartending school is the best way for you to gain all the knowledge you need from the basics. If you have no prior knowledge or experience in bartending, it will help if you enroll in a bartending school and learn everything about the job in an organized environment. You have to take your time to learn all the bartending terminologies and lingo and what better way to do that than under the tutelage of professional tutors?

At a bartending school, there is a set period of learning, and you will be taught under a curriculum.  You will also get to take a crash course in spirit, alcohol and bar tools. You can also take up some courses on establishing relationships with people so that you can always keep your customers happy and satisfied.

Look for a bartending school that offers all the programs you need to start your career and excel at it.

  1. You get to learn from a professional

Some people learn on their own but not many people can. The best bartending knowledge is gained through hands-on tutelage by a professional with model bars for you to experiment and practice.

  1. Gain Confidence

By enrolling at a bartending school, you will learn all the skills you need to succeed at the bar and how to handle yourself behind the bar. Even if you do not become a professional right away, you will be trained on how to be confident and composed behind the bar and when serving guests.

  1. Connect to the school’s network

A bartending school has a solid reputation and a vast network of contacts in the bartending and hospitality industry. These contacts could be useful when you are searching for a job.

  1. You will receive due accreditation and certification.

A bartending school will issue a certificate on every course you offered in the school. This is to prove that you learned everything in the curriculum and you were tested on them and you passed. You can then include this certificate in your resume so you can better your chances when seeking employment.

This could set you apart from other job seekers who are applying for the same position as yours because some bars do not employ bartender that did not undergo proper training. Some bartending schools are also globally recognized which gives you the chance to work anywhere in the world.

  1. Boost your chances at interviews

A potential employer is more likely to pay closer attention to you than other candidates without certification from a bartending school. Attending a bartending school shows that you really put in effort and time to learn about bartending. This may not guarantee that you will be more successful than others who did not attend a bartending school, but it does set you apart.

  1. Learn relevant and up-to-date skills.

A thorough bartending course teaches you all the latest practices, techniques, skills and methods you need to succeed as a bartender. This may not be available for free anywhere else except you attend a bartending school. You also get to practice at professional bars before you complete your course to know whether you have mastered those skills. You may not get the opportunity to learn on the job; therefore, a bartending school allows you to practice until you are perfect before you go out to look for jobs.

  1. Learn without pressure

A bartending school is a conducive environment to learn and practice safely. You are not pressured since there is a set duration for everything. Learning on the job is not such a great option, and that is why a bartending school is a much better option for you to learn.

A bartending school exposes you to what bartending is truly about and the things you should expect when you start working at a real bar. Everything you will learn is sequential and for a set period. You are allowed to make mistakes, learn from them and get it right so that you do not carry on those mistakes at a real bar.

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