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Pro Bartending School
Average rating:  
 3 reviews
by Dani on Pro Bartending School
Overall, Good experience

I recommend this course, as I began with very minimal bartending experience, but now feel much more confident and comfortable in what I have learned and in my performance. If you have the individual motivation to study the drink recipes, if you are willing to attend class and practice, this is an awesome place to gain some exposure and experience.

Josh does an excellent job at introducing you to drinks, offering advice, on more than just mixing drinks, but also scenarios that might happen in a bartending setting. I would also highly recommend the flashcards he has, they were invaluable in learning and remembering the various drinks and recipes. Overall, great experience.

by Thomas Marcello on Pro Bartending School
Pro Bartending School San Marcos

In the past I took a course from ABC Bartending School in Las Vegas. It was a great experience. Time past and I never did anything with my training... Since ABC was not in my area (which would have been free for past students) I decided that I would try a different school and see if I could learn new skills. I did learn new skills from the school.

I learned speed, precision, how to be a master at making the drinks we learned, and how to work as a team. The final timed test is pretty tough to pass. There is also a written portion that all bartenders should know before entering the field. We are also taught how to keep our bar space in top operating order and the importance of keeping it clean.

The negatives... While the instructor Josh Hernandez is very knowledgeable he can come across as harsh at times. I had no problems with him but some people without thick skin might not click to well with him. My advice is to take the course with an open mind and let any and all negativity bounce off you. Take the course, gain the knowledge, speed & skill, to become an outstanding bartender and let nothing get in your way. Stay positive and you will be fine! Positivity, Attitude, and lots of Practice (PAP) are the keys to mastering this course. Implement PAP in everything you do in life and you will do fine! Keep that smile and Good Luck!

by Chris Johnson on Pro Bartending School
Great Gift Idea!

Gave this course as a gift to my granddaughters, they now use their training to work in the hospitality industry. Give the gift of education, it will last a lifetime.

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