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Having bartending skills and knowledge prepares you for a lot of other things in the bartending industry. You will be able to work in a lot of different areas outside of working in a bar as a bartender. If you have worked as a bartender for some years or you are fresh out of bartending school but do not want to work in a bar, there are a lot of options for you. We will be exploring some of these options and how you can excel at them should you decide to tow those paths.

  1. Private Event Bartender

Technically, this does not take you out of working behind a bar, but it is not the same because the work environment of a public bar is a lot more different from a private bar. A private bar has a specific number of people that you will cater to while a public bar has hundreds of people for you to cater to. A private bar could be a corporate event, a controlled party with an expected number of guests and this is what makes it different from a public bar. Things will hardly go out of control at a public bar, and you have an idea of the kind of guests you are dealing with, so you can easily manage them. You only need to showcase your bartending skills to ensure that the guests are satisfied. If you decide to start working as a private bartender, you are still in the bartending business, and you will need to use your bartending skills.

  1. Sales Representative

An experienced bartender will perform well in sales. Who else will do better if not someone who has experience in mixing and serving drinks? Most sales representatives for liquor and alcohol bars are former bartenders. Working as a sales representative could be fulfilling and rewarding, and you have to work with big brands which include breweries and distilleries to help them with distribution to restaurants, hotels, and bars. You know the major players in the industries and where to go to. All you need to do is leverage on the connections that you have and your knowledge about the industry to make sales go through.

  1. Brand Ambassador

Working as a brand ambassador for a liquor or alcohol brand is one of the roles you can take up if you do not want to work in a bar. You represent brands and convince people to buy the drinks. You have to travel, attend events and participate in all promotional activities that have to do with the products so they can reach as many people as possible. You also get to enjoy a lot of perks apart from the payment you earn such as a regular supply of the product you are representing.

  1. Mixologist for a local drink distributor

This is not a mainstream job, but it is very much worth it. Working as a mixologist for a local distributor can be likened to working as a freelance mixologist. Your job is to create mixes and blends with the drinks that the distributor has in stock and serve these mixes to people. You can even share the recipe too.

  1. Consultant

As someone who has the knowledge or experience of working as a bartender, consulting is one of the career paths you can follow if you do not want to work in a bar. A consultant is still very much active in the industry, and you get to work with different bars and brands on what drinks should go to which geographical location and which bars. Switching from bartender to consultant allows you to showcase your knowledge about the industry and use this knowledge to help businesses in the hospitality industry.

  1. Entrepreneur

You can also start your own business in the hospitality industry. As someone who has experience working in a bar, you could establish a bar, and this is about the most fulfilling thing you can venture into. If you have the funds, you can start your own bar and give yourself an edge over other bar owners who may not know how the business works. You have been in the industry for some time; you know what works and what does not; you know the kind of drinks to stock your bar with; you have an idea of what to look for in a bartender when hiring. This could be really easy for you as you already know how to serve your customers better.

  1. Software Specialist

This is quite an unsaturated niche in the hospitality industry. The tech industry continues to spread its tentacles, and many tech companies have developed an interest in the hospitality industry. For companies that specialize in producing software solutions to make service delivery in the hospitality industry better, they are always in demand for hospitality personnel or experts. As someone well-versed in the hospitality industry, you can get a job as an adviser or a consultant and become a great asset dedicated to making the hospitality industry better with the creation of unique solutions. You cannot undermine how much impact your knowledge and experience could be to these companies.

These are a few out of the many career options you can explore if you are looking to work out of a bar. These are also, no doubt, some of the great careers you could pursue. Bartending is not only about mixing and serving drinks. Your knowledge of the profession could make a more significant difference outside of the bar. As an experienced bartender, you know how to serve, who to serve, what to serve and where to get the drinks from as well as how to create them.

We hope that we have inspired you in a way to help you decide on what to do without working in a bar. And if you are still contemplating pursuing gaining knowledge as a bartender, you can enroll in a bartending school.

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